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November 13, 2006



I love this post.

Reminding myself that this is just a phase is the best advice you could give someone like me. I run a small business and our household, PLUS I have a 15-month-old with another on the way in 3 months. While we planned for our family, love our son to pieces and are very happy to be parents, nothing fully prepared us for the experience and complete turnaround of our lives.

Sarah, you wrote: "Even when the change is good, we can feel as though things will never be normal again." And that's where I am now. I no longer recognize the person I see in the mirror. My time no longer belongs to me. My body just won't cooperate. Sex is now a chore. And sleep? Ya right! Will I ever feel like a woman again? ARGHHH!!!

So thanks for reminding me that this IS just a transition period, that what I'm feeling is completely normal, and that I'll find the proper balance in time.

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